Driftwood Blend

Our Driftwood blend is a brighter medium body coffee using beans from Central America.  There something so relaxing about being near the water, whether it's the ocean's waves crashing against the jagged rocks, early morning reflections glistening off a quiet lake, or the rushing sounds of water channeling through a river's rapids, there is a level of nirvana that can't be ignored. A piece of driftwood may appear to some as a fallen branch or tree; however, to us it's a symbol of enlightenment as it floats curiously along the coastline.  

You can drift while you're sipping a freshly brewed cup of this coffee. Take some time for yourself, take in that beautiful sunrise as it slowly overtakes the horizon, this is your time, this is your day, crush it. 


All of our coffee is available in traditional 12 oz bags resealable bags, or 3 pound 100% compostable resealable bags. Select from the options below if you would like whole bean, or pre-ground. 

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