• Q: What makes your coffee better than what I am currently drinking?

    • A: I think there is a place for every coffee out there. Coffee is diverse. People who consume coffee are diverse. We believe that coffee is best days after its roasted, and that’s what we aim for.  If you can’t find the roasted date on your current coffee bag, then it was likely roasted months ago and well, that’s just not our cup of coffee. However; It is difficult to truly answer this without inviting us over for a cup of your current coffee. We will be sure to bring some of our coffee with us and let you be the judge. 
      • Q: I've looked at your selections and notice you don't have ______ (insert any country/region). Why don't you offer this?
        • A: Drop me a line at Info@ClawCoffeeRoasters.com and tell me what you're looking for. Coffee is seasonal, and our distributors work directly with the farmers so my selection could vary based on availability. We are always roasting beans that we don't offer for sale. We do this for two reasons: 1. We drink A LOT of coffee, & 2. We roast and cup coffee from all over the world in order to determine what we want to roast to sell. We put a lot of thought and time into each roast we offer for sale. We have spent lots of time developing each flavor profile and roast levels to ensure what we sell is the most delightful cup of coffee available. 
      • Q: Do you or will you offer flavored coffee?
        • A: The short answer is No.  The long answer is while there are a lot of other coffee roasters that add flavors to enhance their coffee, these are artificially added once the coffee is roasted. While I am sure the allure of having a cup of coffee that tastes just like French Toast, it's not what we are aiming for. Our coffee takes high quality green coffee beans, roasts them using different roast profiles which highlights different flavors and aromas of that particular coffee origin or farm. By adding artificial flavors after it's roasted we would be masking the beauty of that coffee. I have even convinced my wife after years of using flavored creamers in her coffee that if she insists on adding creamer to use non-flavored creamer!