Crush. Your. Day.

Although coffee has been around for centuries, there has never been a more exciting time to experience freshly roasted coffee. Now you are able to get high quality beans soon after they've been roasted. We bring you artisan small batch coffee that will go from our roaster to your cup within days of your order.

Coffee starts to go stale just weeks after being roasted. So why buy coffee that's been sitting on shelves for months or longer? When dining at a restaurant you expect the food to be cooked just for you, why should the coffee you brew at home be any different? Experience the difference of freshly roasted coffee that is carefully roasted per order, just for you!

Claw Coffee sources our beans from all over the world with distributors who work directly with the farmers. We are able to offer competitive prices by selling direct to our customers.

Try our coffee and experience what your morning routine has been missing.

Claw Coffee Beanies

Enjoy your Claw Coffee Beans with a Claw Coffee Beanie! 

The only thing worse than spilled coffee is spilled coffee with a cold head. Keep your dome warm with a Claw Coffee soft stretchable rib-knit beanie! Your head will appreciate the quality of this beanie and the leather patch handmade by Branded Bills in Mesa, AZ. 

Available in Navy, Black, Charcoal, and Gray. 

100% Acrylic
2x2 Rib Knit
Hand-wash only.

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No matter how you enjoy your coffee, we got you.

Whether you live for the bold tastes of your french press, carefully pulled espresso shots, or the smooth flavors of a pour over. Claw Coffee has you covered. Coffee doesn't just fuel your day, it provides comfort and joy.

Coffee is diverse just like the people who enjoy it worldwide. Set your cup free and experience the wonderful flavors you've been missing.


  • Since trying Claw Coffee, I haven't switched back to my previous coffee. I love the freshness of the roasts and the blends! I have recommended Claw Coffee to friends & family too!
  • I have been enjoying Claw Coffee for many months now, and it has changed me. I have used creamer since I started drinking coffee as a teenager, and now I drink it black because I don’t want to cover up or change any of the delicious flavor. And now that I’ve had Claw Coffee, Dunks just doesn’t taste the same. Once you’ve tasted Claw Coffee, nothing else taste as good. I’m absolutely sold. You must try it!
  • "I still can't believe there isn't flavor added, because it's so good"
  • "F'ng Awesome!"
  • "You got the beans!"
  • Meredith
  • Shannyn
  • Lindsay
  • Morgan
  • Ben B.

What Goes Into Your Cup?

The coffee beans we roast are sourced through distributors that work directly with the farmers to guarantee fair wages and treatment. It's plain and simple - we came for the coffee, we stay for the people.

The Rise of Coffee

Today's coffee is quite different from the coffee your parents drank. Take a step back into time and learn why today's morning stimulus package differs from that of the past.