Claw Coffee Roasters started after almost two decades of love, and passion (borderline obsession) for coffee. As this passion grew so did the desire to find the best cup of coffee. This led me finding different ways to brew and extract the coffee. My friends and family likely thought I was crazy anytime we went on vacation and the first items I would unpack were my grinder and french press. I wish I had taken a photo of my wife's face when she realized my siphon coffee maker was indeed for making coffee and not some Breaking Bad phase. This satisfied my passion for years; however, the desire of finding the most unique and flavorful beans continued to flourish. 

The decision to start roasting was not one I made on my own. This came when one of my closest friends who had witnessed first hand my passion and obsession with coffee pushed over the ledge by sending me green coffee beans. At this point, I had never given much thought into roasting my own coffee. Like all home roasters, I started with only knowledge as a coffee drinker not a roaster. This also allowed me to channel my passion into learning everything I could about the roasting process. Learning extensively about the various phases and science that occurs from the coffee cherry to the coffee that fills your cup. While my family slept, I roasted, studied, and tasted the rewards. My obsession quickly morphed into dissecting roast profiles, cupping sessions, and of course purchasing green coffee from as many countries, regions and farms that I could. 

Claw Coffee Roasters was born out a passion to share the experience of tasting the highest quality coffee just days after it was roasted. 

I hope that Claw Coffee Roasters brings the same joy that coffee has brought to my home, to yours.