Jibboo Blend

Our Jibboo Blend offers bright flavors with some nutty hints, just like that crazy uncle your family has endless stories about. Some say a Jibboo is a  nocturnal creature on an endless endeavor to find another wondering soul. Our take on what a Jibboo is that it’s a tired and lonely creature who just wants to catch up with someone from it’s past over a cup of hot delicious coffee. Although we may never get the chance to meet a Jibboo, we are sure if we did it would love this blend. 

Fill your cup with this medium blend and find out if you too, gotta Jibboo. Best consumed at morning, day, or night, with a good friend or a good book.


All of our coffee is available in traditional 12 oz bags resealable bags, or 3 pound 100% compostable resealable bags. Select from the options below if you would like whole bean, or pre-ground. 

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