Papua New Guinea

This coffee is naturally organic sourced from Blue Mountain, Bourbon, and Typical varieties.  This is one of our darker roasts, but not so dark that the amazing natural flavors are masked. This bolder coffee's aroma is powerful, and the chocolate flavor profiles will come to life after each sip. 

The growers have never used fertilizers or pesticides. 90% of the coffee grown in the shade and at high altitude allowing the this coffee to really shine in your cup. This coffee is grown on the steep slopes of the Bismarck Range in the tropical rainforest along the Jimi River stretching from the regions tallest mountain. The farms are so isolated in this region it can often take a days walk to the nearest road! 

Flavor Profiles: Juicy, chocolate, nutty, cocoa 

Roast Level: Dark 

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium 

Region: Jiwaka

Altitude: 1600m-1900m 


All of our coffee is available in traditional 12 oz bags resealable bags, or 3 pound 100% compostable resealable bags. Select from the options below if you would like whole bean, or pre-ground. 

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