Papua New Guinea Peaberry

This peaberry coffee from Papua New Guinea is the perfect morning or afternoon companion. A medium roast with a heavy body is well balanced and packed with flavor. 

Peaberry coffee is a natural occuring mutation of the bean where only a single bean is produced in each coffee cherry. This gives the bean a smaller and rounder shape which resembles a pea. This results in the single bean receiving all of the nutrients of the coffee cherry rather than sharing with a twin bean. To put it in other words, think of peaberry coffee as the only child who never had to compete for attention and always had the best stuff growing up. Roughly only 5-10% of coffee grown are peaberrys, they are often regarded as producing a somewhat superior flavor. 

  • FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Blackberry, Dried Plum
  • BODY: Heavy
  • ACIDITY: Medium
  • PROCESS: Washed

All of our coffee is available in traditional 12 oz bags resealable bags, or 3 pound 100% compostable resealable bags. Select from the options below if you would like whole bean, or pre-ground.

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