Colombia - Pink Bourbon

Have you found yourself thinking that your morning coffee has just felt blah lately? Maybe you've been drinking the same coffee for years. Over time you have grown to accept that your cup of coffee is just a basic daily necessity and nothing more. Well, pack your bags and get excited, because this Pink Bourbon variety from Colombia is about to spice up your morning routine more than the Carnaval de Barranquilla.  

Our Colombia Pink Bourbon is a medium roast and offers dynamic and complex flavor profiles. Grown by the father-son duo Luis Anibal and Yeison Calderon, who are somewhat natural celebrities amongst Colombian coffee farmers due to the high quality coffee at Finca Villa Betulia located in Hulia. Louis is passing the torch to his son, Yeison who is dedicated to protecting his father's legacy in producing high quality coffee. Their farm sits high in the mountains where they grow and nature over 20 rare and exceptional varieties of coffee. 

  • FLAVOR: Chocolate, Graham Cracker, Green Apple, Red Currant, Brown Spice
  • BODY: Medium
  • ACIDITY: Bright
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • REGION: Acevedo, Hulia 
  • Variety: Pink Bourbon
  • Producers:  Louis and Yeison Calderon - Farm: Finca Billa Betulia

What Is Pink Bourbon Coffee?

Although the pink bourbon, or bourbon rosado, coffee variety was initially thought to be a hybrid of red and yellow bourbon strains, further research has shown that pink bourbon may be an unrelated Ethiopian landrace variety. With a sibling like the renowned geisha varietal, it’s no surprise that pink bourbon also boasts an incredible cup profile potential, plus plant disease resistant characteristics to boot.

Although further research is required to scientifically verify pink bourbon’s heritage, you can enjoy the tasty flavor profile that this lot offers. Look for notes of chocolate, graham cracker, green apple, red currant, and warm brown spices.


All of our coffee is available in traditional 12 oz bags resealable bags, or 3 pound 100% compostable resealable bags. Select from the options below if you would like whole bean, or pre-ground.  

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